Cash Up-Front Purchasing

F&H's cash-up-front program purchases your corporate products, services, real estate, assets and manufacturing capacity in cash and/or with Alternative Capital. F&H's business model has developed hundreds of millions of dollars in successful transactions for our clients.

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Alternative Capital

A Corporation's Most Readily Available Capital

Alternative Capital is the use of a corporation's products, services, assets, real-estate and excess manufacturing capacity, including excess and undervalued inventory and assets, as capital.

F&H issues Alternative Capital as a direct substitute of cash for a corporation's normal cash expenditures.  

F&H Services

Utilize Corporate F&H Cash-Up-Front Payments and Alternative Capital for:

  • New Market Development

  • Advertising

  • Social Media Advertising & Marketing

  • Inventory and Production Management and Logistics

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Marketing and Sales of Products and Services

F&H becomes the communications bridge between corporations and their audiences. This role demands the most comprehensive Sales/Marketing knowledge and resources on which our clients can always rely.

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Commercial Real Estate Leasing, Acquisition and Divestiture

F&H, in partnership with Icon International, enables its clients to recoup full value of undervalued real estate assets with up-front cash purchasing and/or Alternative Capital.

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